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Tunis | 05/04/2013
It’s my pleasure to announce the starting of the official W3C procedure of reviewing our Candidate Authorized Translation of WCAG 2.0 into Arabic.
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UNESCO Gloabl Report
Tunis | 28/03/2013

A United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the Convention) is the first global treaty on human rights of the XXIth C (twenty-first century).
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United Nations, "enable" program
Manouba | 02/01/2013
United Nations Enable is the official website of the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (SCRPD), and in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.
Program "enable"


Proposal of the association for e-access National Constituent Assembly about the draft constitution
Proposal of the Tunisian Association of E-Accessibility for Constituent assembly on the draft constitution as part of a national dialogue with the regions
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General Meeting of Members
January 04, 2013, members met to see the new projects of the association.
Translation of WCAG 2.0 in Arabic
The association e-Access is in the process of validating the translation of recommendations accessbilité digital WCAG2.0
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E-Access, nos goals

Promote accessibility to persons with disabilities to Information and Communication Technologies, but also to digital content.

Nourish scientific in the field of software applications accessibility. Using new technologies, the disabled can further integrate and overcome their handicaps.

Encourage the development of accessible websites, according to W3C standards-WCAG, and e-services specific to people with disabilities.

Contribute to the creation of a network of specialists in the field of e-Accessibility.

Training Session about Accessibility
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